Friday, November 7, 2008

Hold our breath and hope for the best....and other..

Well a new leaf has turned. The US has a new Pres. and now all we can do is hold on and hope for the best. I did not vote for Obama, but now that he has one there is only one thing to do is wait it out and see how he does. Do I hope he fails miserably and runs the country into the ground...hell no. I hope the guy proves all the people wrong that are doubting him. Really the only thing that bugs me is that, if the guy is legit, why doesn't he just produce his bc and get it over with. I mean really come on...what is he hiding? Anyway, if I could ask him one thing, that would be it, why, why don't you be upfront and show your birth certificate.
Why all the hate towards the LDS church and mormons from all the gay activists? I mean you can look at one fact and maybe Californians really believe that marriage is between a woman and man. Taken from 2007 numbers, mormons make up less than 3% of the california is amazing. The whole state of California voted yes to Prp 8 (good job CA) and yet the lds church is being blamed for the whole thing? Whatever. I don't get it...anyhow, things are changing always in the world and will continue to do so and won't ever stop...all we can do is be the best we can be and the rest of it is out of our hands....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gazelle intense....well maybe

I hate debt. Credit card companies are right there in contention of being the devil with Barak Hussein "The Messiah" Obama. The only good thing about Obama and his freaking socialist buddies is that maybe they will forgive all my debt, but then I will have to turn all of my earnings into the "pool" and await my feedings from the government. I hate BO but I also hate CC comapnies. They make life so damn easy until the payment starts. Then they start you off with like 30 dollars and then increase it to 175 one day. I hate them. Dave Ramsey, he is a good listen. He offended me for a minute but I got over it and really think that his plan, which is nothing I didn't hear in my personal finance class at Snow College from Doug Dyreng, to get out of debt and build wealth will work. But damn that man in the mirror is a tough guy to conqueor. I am hell bent on becoming debt free, but not willing to give up stuff like cell phones, satellite TV and 42" LCD TVs (hey my 36 in tv went south and RC freaking Willey was gonna charge me to get it looked at even though I purchased their extended service plan so I cut my losses on that thing and upgraded, so sue me.) Dave would beat me to death, but since I have a snowballs chance in hell of getting beat my Dave Ramsey, I did it. But I still hear his voice in my head everytime I think about buying something. Maybe one of these times he will talk loud enough and I will actually listen. But we are implementing a budget that he suggests and then gonna do the cash only thing so life is gonna change but we need to get our finances in order, that is unless Obama wants to take all my CC debt too along with every other freedom the Constitution entitles me too...go ahead BO, take it and run you freaking socialist.

Stupid thing for Allison.....

This is all my beautiful wifes fault. So to stem the angry tide, becuase I have neglected to do this when she "tagged" me, I will do it. Note for all furture "taggers" I will not entertain any future taggings....
A- Attached or single: Attached and loving it.
B- Best Friend: Allison, sorry Bun and whoever else would like to be my bff.
C-Cake or Pie: I really dig yellow cake with Allisons homeade chocolate frosting but a good coconut cream pie I can't refuse either. I will take both!
D-Day: That up in the air. Saturdays just cause
E- Essential Item: Used to be Pepsi, quit for a couple months now trying to become as Snow says, a social drinker.
F- Favorite Color: I would have to say Redskins red
G-Gummy Bears or Worms: Neither I would rather, never mind.
H-Home town: Ferron, Utah baby!!!!
I- Indulgences: Breakfast at any hole in the wall cafe
J- January or July?: Aren't all awesome people born in January, oh wait I mean January because that is when I married my sweetheart.
K-Kids: Four under five.-- Trandon 5, Saylor 4, Reagan 2 3/4, Quaiden 1. Wouldn't trade them for nothing, on most days...
L-Life is incomplete without: Taking time to just look around, slowdown and enjoy Family, Friends, the mountians, the smell of a freshly opened can of pepsi, and the smell of bacon eggs and coffee in a hole in the wall cafe.
M- Marriage Date: January 4th 2002- I had to upstage the Olympics in SLC
N- Number of Siblings: 1 sister
O- Oranges or Apples: A good crsip fresh off the tree Jonathan apple
P- Phobias or Fears: Falling, driving off a steep enbankment, spiders.
Q- Quote:There are too many too chose from so I go with one that everyone pretty much hates that I ususally like to use in arguments...everything is 50/50 it is either gonna happen or it isn't so get over it.
R- Reason To Smile: Life isn't bad when you have a loving wife, kids to laugh at and with. Create your own weather.
S- Season: I think I have to go with Fall. Smells, hunts, crispness of the air, crisp Jonathan apples...
T- Tag Three: Not playing that
U- Unknown fact about me: I love the smell of coffee
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Bring on a great big juicy steak, lots of bacon, a good bbq chicken thigh and a rack of ribs...that isn't oppression is it?
W- Worst Habit: Pushing buttons when I know I should back off
X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Neither keep me out of the hospital
Y-Your favorite food: Steak and shrimp or a good bacon/eggs/hashbrowns/toast breakfast
Z: Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Monday, September 29, 2008

Again....its about freaking time!!!!!

After that last post thime just flew by and we were so busy I didn't even have time to think. But here we are now and I have a free second. So this post won't blow anyone away with knowledge or humor, more of a notification that yes, I am still here, I am still in the blogging sphere, and I will be back at you soon with something worth while. Just a quick note....HOW ABOUT THOSE SKINS!!!!!! One little tid bit, thanks to Roon, I am now Mayor Pro Tempe of Ferron until October 23 when we appoint a new mayor. This politics thing is freaking crazy!!!! Anyhow, I am alive, I am still blogging and I will give you smoething with more meat to chew on later....until then

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sighting of a rare and special thing....

Yes sightings of rare things do happen, some might even call it a miracle. But yes, it indeed happened. On July 13th, 2008 the Jackson family had Sunday dinner. No not popcorn, hotdogs, ramen or the like, a real sunday dinner with roast, mashed potatoes, a veggie and yorkshire pudding and of course gravy. The kids asked what this was...I reminded them that back when we used to live by the Bundersons in Springville we ate Sunday dinner like this every week. After we moved to Ferron, Sunday dinner hasn't been the same. In almost four years of living here, I think that on that fine day, of July 13th may have been the 5th time that we had Sunday dinner. Good things do come back to those who wait, I have been waiting for awhile for this and it was good. Note for anyone who cares...the raost isn't burnt, that was the result of a rub.... So for those of you out there , longing for sunday dinner of old...never give up hope, because miracles do happen!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dog days...

Well here we are, first of July. No Football on TV only baseball. Not really a fan so, guess I have to go weed and do yard work I guess. Family is home so that is good, it is always nice to get them home and get back to regular life. Not really a fan of heat, starting to get heated up after a realatively cool start to summer. But guess we knew it was coming. Maybe I can sweat some of this weight off! Got Wii Fit, it is very interesting, seems to me more like a winter thing that would keep you active, too much to do outside while warm, but it is pretty fun none the less. I guess I will have to keep pulling the kids in the bike trailer on my bike in the dead heat of the day. Yes, Saylor wanted to go ride and so we did, actually not that bad but was warm no doubt.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At update....

I know, I know. It has been sometime since I posted last. So for the legions of readers out there (primarily for aunt Patti) I give unto update. Where to begin?
--Lets get the most obvious not making much progress subject out of the way, weight. Lets see I first posted about this on 4/8/08, since then I have weighed in a handful of they are: 247,252,248,253 (most current). Apparently I have a 5 pound window. So now that is out of the way......
--Latest thing that seems to fall into the hesitant left hand turners annoyance category:lenders not giving money in the amount that I already have and have no problem paying back, just want to consolidate all into one place...I understand if my credit report was freaking whacked out and filled with late or non payment issues, but come on..I will pay on time and everytime, just let me get it all in one place. I am sure there were at least two other things that I had in mind that I wanted to blog about, at this moment in time...can't think of them.
--Currently bach'ing it. Wife and kids are in AZ. with the family down there. I will admit, time alone is nice, I can get things done without too much distraction, but given the chance to have bachelor hood again of family life that I have...I wouldn't give up my current situation for nothing, not even a million dollars, although I would give the cc debt up if someone really wants to take it, no really I would. So anyhow, Allison and kids, I do love you and I do miss you. See you soon... ;)
--New cravings, or food likes...pistachios and Uncle Bens rice pudding...matter of fact, I could really go for the rice pudding right now, I glance up three sections to the aforementioned weights...I will resist. But this Pepsi in shaved ice (a little concoction my wife started making) isn't going anywhere (see addiction...where is the settlement???) AH HAH!!! And I just found the large bag of pistachios that my beautiful wife bought for is good, yes it is.
--At this moment in time totally random about the a** kicking the Celtics are administering on the Lakers? I've always been a closet C fan, no really, honestly. OK not really but I like reading Bill Simmons and he is a huge Celtics fan so does that count? Note I added the Bill Simmons widget from ESPN.
--Another annoying thing...pistachios that aren't opened, at all. I can handle the partially opened ones, unless it isn't enough to get a thumbnail in to pry open, in that case it is as good as closed, and tossed aside as there are perfectly pre opened nuts waiting to be consumed...
--Beginning to realize that I have great vision about how I want my yard to look but I am lacking something...initiative? no I don't mind yard work. Tools? For sure lacking in that area but I think the biggest problem is fundage. OK so I have a legit excuse for why my own garden of eden in Ferron UT probably won't be completed anytime soon. Conscious cleared...
--I am not a politicaly smart guy by any means...but can the country be any stupider if we actually vote in Obama as president? Heaven help us all. Although he is all about entitlement and forgiving the debt of the in over our head nope, I won't do it I ain't that stupid. Rush Limbaugh, please save us all and wake the country up out of the stupor that we seem to be in.
--OK, 30 plus point win to close out the series...seriously, if I hear one more person compare Kobe to Jordan I am going to puke. Kobe is good, give him props, Jordan was phenomanal. End of story.
--If you're looking for a miracle open you eyes, there was one this morning just about sunrise. Dawn came breaking like a wave on the sea, and its there for you and me. (if anyone can indentify where that came from, I will buy them a soda pop next time I see them) But I would like to add to that, or watch your kids playing and laughing, even misbehaving, little miracles in and of themselves. Until next time...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Don't blink....

Don't blink...what a song. But what a message. Not only does life happen fast, but it can change in a hurry also. Life is great no matter how we look at it. Sure, there are problems here, problems there, but all in all haven't we got it good? Lately I have been thinking a lot about life and how fast it can change. I had a companion in LA, we had a hell of a time. Haven't talked to him in years, and I ran across a story on about his family and the trial they are going through. I have been lost in a fog of holy crap life can change so fast don't take it for granted. A link to their blog about their boy Charlie is listed under my favorite links, read it, I guarantee you won't finish with a dry eye. And then, you too will have that feeling of, holy crap life can change in an instant, I better start appreciating what I got. It is hard, life is hard, but is it really? Even since I have had this hit of reality, I still find myself getting upset at my kids over the dumbest things, or not taking time to read that last book, or not taking that 5 minutes to take my wife in my arms and hold her, no need to talk, she will know that I am telling her that I love her and appreciate her. But still, I let those moments pass by each and everyday. Why? Because I am human, and haven't perfected the skill of forgetting myself and serving others at all times. Probably never will, but when you do little things for anyone, you can feel it, you know what I am talking about, it feels good to your soul. When trials come my way, will I face it with an rotten attitude or look at it as an opportunity to learn something? I hope it is the latter. I know Rob will probably never read this but, buddy, you and your family have been an inspiration to me, and I hope I can take that and become a better person, a more loving, kind, caring husband, father and friend. Change is inevitable, but if we are doing the best we can in this life, we will get through the changes, we will learn from them and add another notch in the lifes experiences pole and move on, hopefully better people than we were before hand. One way we can assure that we are doing all we can is by trying to incorporate the following saying into our lifes, this came from Sister Lexi Judd and I have used it many times since: work like it all depends on us and pray like it all depends on him. Now, go on and do it, keep you head up an remember take every breath god gives you for what its worth...and don't blink.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Reunited with and old friend.....

So I have to say that I was reunited with an old friend this weekend. We used to hang out all the time, seemed everytime I ate he was around. For the past 3 years I have missed him, and finally on Sunday, we bbq'd some burgers and I thought I am gonna invite an old friend and boy did I miss him. I forgot how good Red Beans and Rice really is, simple to make, somewhat healthy and mighty tasty. It's good to have old friends come back around...interested well here you go®-red-beans-rice-p-882.html or you could simply go to the local grocery store and pickup some for tonight, you won't be disappointed I promise...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Enough is enough....

Alright, I have come to the conclusion that just like nobody is going to give me money to get out of debt, nothing is going to magically take away about 40lbs that I would like to lose, well ok make it an even 56 pounds. If I could get back to 200 even I would be so happy. The past week I gained 4 lbs, I am sure that eating out, drinking gallons of pepsi and then half dozen krispy kreme donuts had nothing to do with it, no, nothing at all. But as I stood there on that scale, looking at the increase in only a week, little kids running around, knee killing me cause I kneeled on it the wrong way, I thought to myself, you better wake up and do something about this.

So here I am confessing to whomever reads this (although I am not sure if anyone at all reads it except my beautiful wife on occassion) I am done with it. I am going to give it my all to achieve the goal of 200. I am giving myself a year, that seems like an attainable goal at this point in my life. So this time next year I will weigh 200. I am not going on any freak fad diet, I am just going to start being more active, limit my intake of Pepsi, and watch what I eat. I did it before I got married, I walked my dog everyday almost for 1/2 hour, limited pepsi to one can a day or sometimes none at all (although on weekends I would drink more usually) but I lost 10 lbs in a month, so I know I can do it, but I also know it ain't going to get any easier the older I wish me luck.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I like to cook. If I had the money, I would open a restaurant and do that for a living. I like to BBQ, and I would love to learn how to smoke some good ole pork butt and brisket. But I also like cooking simple things, and one of my favorite is the following:
Boil up some pasta, either elbow mac or some twisty noodles
Drain them and then cover in Clamato juice. I like adding a crushed chicken bouillon cube also. Warm it up and enjoy. I can eat this until I am sick....

Friday, March 28, 2008

April Vogue Cover....what's all the fuss????

Bottom line, when people want to stir the pot, they will. In April, the cover of Vogue magazine will have a picture of LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen. LJ is holding her around the waist and looks as if he is screaming. There are people freaking out about it saying it is racial, it is sterotyping the black them I say get over it. In my opinion it is their own insecurities and fears in regards to race that are driving them to say these things, or maybe they just want to stir the pot. However LJ is a professional on and off the court, do you think that he would have approved the photos if he felt it portrayed him in a negative light let alone the black athlete? I myself think he is smarter and more professional than that. In an article written by MEGAN K. SCOTT, Associated Press Writer, I found what I think says it best, "he is pleased with the cover, saying he was “just showing a little emotion.” “Everything my name is on is going to be criticized in a good way or bad way,” James told the paper. “Who cares what anyone says?”" That statement should end all the nonsense right there. Too many people like to freak out over what people say, as LJ put it, who cares what people say.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Left Hand Turn....

Tell me why, please for the love of Pete, do people hesitate on a protected left hand turn light? This could possibly be the number one thing that gets me cussing, as well as golf, bowling, putting things together...but by far possibly the worst. I mena, I don't get it, you know that you are in a turning lane, protected by a left turn only signal...why, oh why, do you then wait 5-10 seconds before you go? This is really annoying when the light itself last no longer than 15 seconds.....UGHHHHH!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Smoking-Pepsi/Stupid loan decisions-Stupid credit card usage...the difference please?

People who smoke, and had been warned about its health risks, addictive nature, etc...can sue for millions. Now, here is my problem...I can't quit drinking Pepsi. I have tried and tried and tried. I love it, I love the smell, taste, and breathing in the burst of fresh Pepsi air out of a newly opened can, I admit it, I am addicted. I can't quit, and it is making me (or contributing) to my inability to lose weight..shouldn't I be entitled to millions?
The current mortgage crisis, sure some people may have been preyed upon by predatory lenders and real estate agents. But what is the difference of those people jumping into gigantic houses that they could not otherwise afford without the crazy ARM loans or interest only loan for a few years and me racking up a bunch of credit card debt to get things that I could not otherwise afford? Shouldn't there be some sort of goverment subsidized program for people like me? Come on Uncle Sam, aren't you going to bail me out for my stupid decisions?
Now, don't get me wrong. I accept full responsibility for my actions, I am simply pointing out some similarities between situations and wondering when will people be accoutnable for what they are doing? I mean come on, nobody is forcing me to buy that 32 oz Pepsi everyday and nobody is making me purchase that got to have item on credit. I am making those decisions, me, myself, I. I don't get it...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well here it is, my blog. My beautiful wife made our family a blog and so I thought I would also give it a try. Not sure how often I will post, or what I will post. Probably will post pretty much as the title indicates...random thoughts etc...that I have about everything and nothing. Stay tuned for more.....