Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gazelle intense....well maybe

I hate debt. Credit card companies are right there in contention of being the devil with Barak Hussein "The Messiah" Obama. The only good thing about Obama and his freaking socialist buddies is that maybe they will forgive all my debt, but then I will have to turn all of my earnings into the "pool" and await my feedings from the government. I hate BO but I also hate CC comapnies. They make life so damn easy until the payment starts. Then they start you off with like 30 dollars and then increase it to 175 one day. I hate them. Dave Ramsey, he is a good listen. He offended me for a minute but I got over it and really think that his plan, which is nothing I didn't hear in my personal finance class at Snow College from Doug Dyreng, to get out of debt and build wealth will work. But damn that man in the mirror is a tough guy to conqueor. I am hell bent on becoming debt free, but not willing to give up stuff like cell phones, satellite TV and 42" LCD TVs (hey my 36 in tv went south and RC freaking Willey was gonna charge me to get it looked at even though I purchased their extended service plan so I cut my losses on that thing and upgraded, so sue me.) Dave would beat me to death, but since I have a snowballs chance in hell of getting beat my Dave Ramsey, I did it. But I still hear his voice in my head everytime I think about buying something. Maybe one of these times he will talk loud enough and I will actually listen. But we are implementing a budget that he suggests and then gonna do the cash only thing so life is gonna change but we need to get our finances in order, that is unless Obama wants to take all my CC debt too along with every other freedom the Constitution entitles me too...go ahead BO, take it and run you freaking socialist.

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Angel said...

Jackson is this you. Ferrons finest? How are ya you son-of-bi***? Saw your comment on my boys blog. I should check it more often. Glad to know your still alive.

Rob Christensen