Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb. #1

For the doubters.....
Here I am again, as promised. Please forgive as I did miss Jan. #2. However can I make it up to the legions of followers...maybe a month with triple the fun??? Anyhow, just crusing right along into the 2009. I don't know why but randomly looked up my chinese zodiac sign...I am a tiger. Here are the traits, see if they are correct:Unpredictable, rebellious, colorful, powerful, passionate, daring, impulsive, vigorous, stimulating, sincere, affectionate, humanitarian, generous. Can be restless, reckless, impatient, quick-tempered, obstinate, selfish. Seems to me that the Chinese are pretty smart people as most of those hit it right on the nose. And I know all this inforation is correct because I found it on Wikipedia and ask Jessica Alba, that is the source of all great knowledge...;) When will the government just wake up and stop giving billions of dollars to corrupt businesses that will just be back for more in 6 months, and give each tax paying, natural born citizen, of this great United States 100 G's each? Seriously come on, how much are WE going to have to bail out the government for all the bail outs? Our poor children and grandchildren. Again, I must bring your attention to the blog about my mission buddy's little boy, Charlie. there is a link on this page, go have a read of the rath or charlie, seriously Rob kills me. If I were to only be so eloquently spoken, ah, to aspire to such high things. Well, projects for 2009 have been determined and will pretty much wipe out any fundage that comes my way, and they are: driveway, grass, trees, playset for kids, new lawn mower. I guess after that I can just fish and camp all summer. Sounds good to me...until #2

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